J-Cain Numb Cream Repack 5mg

Soalan Lazim Ditujukan :

Wajib jika anda individu yang inginkan kesan maksimum untuk kulit anda.

Wajib jika anda takut sakit.

Wajib jika anda kurang senang rasa tidak selesa ketika procedure dijalankan.

Anesthetic cream

Possible with general laser, RF laser, fraxel laser, hair removal, mole, MTS, Fractional MTS, skin needing, freckle, peeling, general surgical treatment, and other cosmetic surgery.Brand name:J-Cain CreamIngredient: Lido 10.56Appearance: White creamIndications: To reduce genital sensitivityHow to useApply 25~66mg(as a lido) in advance of intercourse (5~15mins)
The quantity and the time of application time depend on individual so use the lowest effective does
It should not exceed maximum 184mg(as a lido) within 24 hoursStorage
Store in a tight container at room temperature (1~30 degree)Expired date
36months from the manufacture date

Product Feature

Yellow case : 10.56% 500g

Standard Delivery : Within 2 - 14 days